About us

Dear purchasers

Allow us to introduce you to our DP-Games company and proudly present you with our new board game called TRUMP IT UP!

Our company was established in 2017 and concerns development matter of political satirical board games. Our company originated in the middle Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic, where all our games are created and manufactured. We have invented a very successful game called “Chyťte Bureše” (Catch Bureš) which came out to be the best selling one at Christmas in 2017. The game is based on cases of our prosecuted Prime Minister, Mr Andrei Babiš.

Founder Josef

We are two young lads who are not indifferent to state of political affairs, neither in the Czech Republic, nor in the other parts of the world.

Founder Lukas

The United States political situation is way too absurd to us that we had to make fun game of it. Our previous project came really successful last Christmas in the Czech Republic, people loved it in fact so much that we decided to step over the border; and distract and entertain other parts of the world and make America smile again. The game is a very original one, with its mode, as well as a unique with the play rules. It is so out of the ordinary, concurrently totally lunatic, that we believe you will start to love it.

This board game is one of a kind by its structure and requires an extraordinary shrewdness, cognizance of politics, and immense courage. Be faster than your opponents, answer the world´s treacherous questions, demonstrate the maddest assignment, and do not be a trump/dump.

And here it is! This time we chose one of the most world´s powerful men! This project will not leave America serene!

Experience the nights full of amusement with our brand new board game which slowly but surely breaks the prank world walls.